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2024 Bare Root Seedling Sale

This website is for ORDERING ONLY. 

Items will be made available for pick up: 

Friday April 26th 1pm-5pm

Saturday April 27th 8:30am-12:30pm

There is NO SHIPPING associated with these plants. Payments process through PAYPAL. We will update the store as we sell out of items.

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What is a bare root seedling?

Bare Root Seedlings are young specimens of trees and shrubs that are perfect for planting in the spring. Plants arrive from the nursery in moist packaging and are rinsed of all soil. This helps prevent the spread of soil born plant diseases and insects. Sizes vary depending on the species. An approximate age or height in inches is listed next to each item. Any questions, please call the office. 

Protecting Our Land

The Dutchess County Soil and Water Conservation District is pleased to conduct our annual Bare Root Seedling sale. Our selection of plants are native species which will add to your landscape. Trees provide the soil with shade and root systems keep soil from eroding.


More information about plant species can be found on our main webpage -

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Providing Habitats

Our selection of native plants create the natural habitat for birds and animals necessary to preserving a healthy ecosystem! Also look for our wildlife boxes which give nesting birds and bats safe places to raise their young!


Orders placed through this website will require payment through a PayPal account. 

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